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How do I know if my business will benefit?2022-03-23T01:03:26+11:00

You will have a clear vision of where you want to be, your goals, the obstacles and the way forward.

What are my options?2022-03-23T01:03:59+11:00

If you already have a vision for your business, we’ll help you execute it.

If you’re struggling to navigate your way through the world of modern cloud technology, and how your business process fits, we help formulate the best strategy, then help your team execute it.

We know best practice and what to avoid, and we make sure the right people are involved.

You may be able to do the work yourself, but that’s not your core business. Xero implementation is all we do, all day, every day.

What about strategy?2022-05-04T01:49:47+10:00

A smart strategy to protect and manage your data is the way to change your business. We will transform the way you operate, with no double handling, saving you time and making you money.

We blend industry expertise with strategic consulting.

How do I know what applications are best?2022-05-04T01:50:16+10:00

We are frequently asked ‘what apps should I be using?’. It’s a good question. There are thousands of great apps in the market. To decide on the best for your business, you need to know how you want to operate and what you want for your clients and staff. By deciding on your client outcomes first, you can cherry pick the best-in-class apps. At FGS, we partner with the applications and people we see as leaders in their class. We ensure these have delivered better outcomes to our clients. We will only work with applications that suit your business best.

How do I choose a technology?2022-03-23T01:05:29+11:00

We help you pick the best-in-market that suits your business today.

We then constantly review and optimise the technology as your business dictates, considering integrations and change as neccessary needed, to ensure the best outcomes.

What is the outcome for my business?2022-03-23T01:05:49+11:00

Better efficiency

More structured processes for client delivery

Greater profitabilty

Continuous improvement

More time to focus on results and analysis


The number 1 challenge in professional services businesses is attracting and retaining good people.

To keep good people, you need to provide a positive leadership environment, and work with the best tools, and have the best processes. You then have to manage the constant change – not just in software, but in client and employee expectations. FGS gives you the tools to attract and keep the best people.

Our values ensure we are focussed on the best long term outcome for you and your business


We work on a fixed fee for a set scope – no surprises, ever.
Engage us for a project, or for ongoing optimisation work.

Multi disciplinary approach.

We can’t know everything; we collaborate closely with the best technology providers, other specialists and clients so you get the best outcomes and advice.

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