Mentoring Mentoring

FGS has identified four essential steps that will lead your practice to greater success. While growth is the ultimate goal of all of our customers, experience in change management for accounting firms has taught us that a mastery of the first three steps must come first. With the proper foundation in place, your results can be exponential.

With a philosophy of change management for accounting firms that centres on these four steps, FGS uses a range of products and processes that are individually tailored to our customers’ unique needs. This includes Xero Practice Studio implementations, document management and other cloud systems for accounting firms. By designing a solution that fits your specific requirements, you will find it easy to follow the four-step path to success.

For Fast and Seamless Growth

We’re confident that our approach to change management for accounting firms is what will make the difference in how quickly and seamlessly your practice grows. Get in touch with us today to discuss exactly what this looks like for your company.

stage1 vision-u1764-fr

Begin with the end in mind

When you begin with a clear vision of where you want to be, you can more easily understand what needs to be done to get you there.

Success is measurable, allowing you to assess the different aspects of your program to determine where improvements can be made along the way.

A goal that your entire company can get behind will inspire your team to work towards your vision.

A vision that makes you Proud.

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Control changes the game

Getting control of your clients’ financial data is the strategy that will change your practice.

When you control the data, you open the possibility to transform the way you operate because you no longer have to worry about the quality and integrity of information provided by clients.

Without the double handling of data entry, you create more time.

Control begins with the Single Ledger.

stage3 time to get efficient-u1778-fr

Zen & the Art of Efficiency

When you master the third step of the process, your practice will have become a well organised machine that works whether you are there or not.

Your team achieves maximum results with incredible efficiency thanks to a structured process for delivering client work.

This all results in greater profitability, decreased stress levels and a focus on task completion and results.

And Gross Profit is the KPI that matters.

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Now we can grow

In order to grow your practice, you must first be prepared to handle the implications of growth on your people and your cash flow.

Thanks to your mastery of the first three steps, you have the foundation for easy growth.

You have more time to devote to clients, you can easily meet their needs and you will increase your revenue and profits while fostering a happier team. Congratulations!

Now you can grow properly.