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Accounting firms using cloud computing are discovering just how easy, flexible and intuitive these systems are. In addition to our general services in change management for accounting firms, FGS offers clients their extensive experience in Workflowmax implementation, Xero Practice Studio implementation and a range of other performance driven strategies for improving your practice’s earning potential.

Self-implementation would require a substantial investment of your time to learn the products, to decide how your company would use them, set your internal processes and train your team. FGS works with hundreds of SMEs and accounting firms for an end to end implementation that is simple and effective.

We have several options available to help you implement at minimal investment, or offer a full service implementation detailed below.

A Strategy for Success

Our strategy for success involves the following process:

  • Setting the strategy to drive the implementation
  • Setting up the software so it is aligned with your desired outcomes
  • Training your team on the best way to use the system
  • Supporting you through the transition

With an all-inclusive fee structure and no hidden extras, you know exactly what you will pay from the start. Our flexible methods are designed to suit your budget, so you control your level of investment:

  • Self-implemented health check
  • Self-implemented workshop
  • Group training to enable effective self-implementation
  • One-on-one, end-to-end implementation

The Tools You Need

For more information on how FGS is helping accounting firms with cloud computing, Workflowmax implementation and Xero Practice Studio implementation get in touch with our team today. Our strategy of change management for accounting firms is designed to give you the tools to drastically improve your practice.

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