Panning for Gold – Old Practice Management Habits

Most accountants know how an ‘old school’ Practice Management system works – you assign your time to a client. The time is added to a ‘bucket’, with no distinction of what job or project you were working on (other than a timesheet narration). From our experience with Firms across Australia, lots of time gets added to […]

Change – it’s very important

“People do not resist change – people change all the time.” It’s the first line of an elegant quote.  It was shared with me by our Organisational Psychologist and I have used it regularly.First things first though…..You did read that sentence correctly.  FGS take managing Change so seriously that we have an Org Pysch on board – with a mandate to […]

Wholesale / Retail Model in Accounting

One of the exciting opportunities that technology and progressive thinking is bringing to the Accounting Opportunity is the Wholesale/Retail model. In simple terms, it is the opportunity for your Firm to provide a wide range of services to your clients WITHOUT the stress and worry about staffing and costs. Let’s look at an example (and because we “walk our […]